Monday we continued counting how many days it has been while we waited for our caterpillars to turn into butterflies. We took turns in a large piece of fabric shaking like the caterpillars in their chrysalises! Check out the Instagram for a video of us singing and shaking around in the fabric.

Tuesday was a beautiful Park day. We went straight there after playing in the morning, had a picnic snack, then ran around! We used the parachute to explore and play a few games. The friends have loved being in a chrysalis then emerging; just like butterflies!

Wednesday we had Spanish, complete with a special treat of chips and guacamole! We then went on a walk to see all of the beautiful flowers that are around school.

Thursday we had a special Park day with martial arts! Gloria came to do a makeup lesson and we enjoyed being outside while doing karate. Afterwards we explored some scarves, beanbags, and spots making up some silly games.

Friday we had a fantastic day preparing for the Spring Market and celebrating our butterflies! The friends had a dance party that ended with us singing a lullaby to some baby dolls. It was such a sweet moment to see all the children curled up with a baby!


Have a fantastic weekend! 

-Miss Alana