On Monday we had karate, painted on canvases, worked on some items for the Spring Market, and released our butterflies! The friends decided to release the butterflies right by school so we could see if they would visit again sometime. We all sang goodbye to the butterflies and enjoyed watching them flutter around.

We had a great Teacher Appreciation Day on Tuesday! Thank you SO much for the sweet cards, flowers, and gift cards. The friends loved having a special snack all together. Us teachers felt very loved and appreciated, so thank you! We also worked on crafts, had a drum circle, and did a lot of playing. The second group of butterflies were also released right outside of the school. Everyone loved watching them fly away.

Wednesday we had Spanish. We focused on transportation, which is always a favorite. The friends enjoyed singing the wheels on the bus, but in Spanish! We also worked on our very special items that will be for sale in our Spring Market. Everyone is very proud of the items they have made- we hope you will buy them!

Thursday we were busy preparing for Parent’s Day. We had music with Evan, finished arranging bouquets of flowers, and made cards. We also baked 40 muffins! The friends were amazing helpers, being careful to measure out the correct ingredients and mix the batter.

Friday was Parent’s Day! We loved seeing so many of you at school this morning. For those who couldn’t make it, we hope that you enjoy your muffin and flowers. We also had yoga today and enjoyed guessing what objects were hidden in the bags that Lakshmi brought in. The friends have really been paying attention in yoga and can do so many different poses. We finished out the week by playing in the water table and having a blast reading a new story at lunch time.

Have a great weekend everyone!

-Miss Alana