On Monday, we eagerly examined the caterpillars that arrived at BMS. We started our curriculum regarding the life cycle and the children are full of excitement about the development of the caterpillars to come. We created a chart and are counting the days until they will turn into butterflies! We also had karate and did collaborative art on a canvas and on a whiteboard. 

Park day on Tuesday! We took advantage of the good weather and went to the basketball courts for snack and free play, then went to the playground. Being outside is so great. 

Wednesday was a busy day. We planted seeds for our window planters and made some delicious strawberry banana smoothies. We also had Spanish and enjoyed having George's grandparents come to visit the school. We celebrated George's half birthday and were so surprised and happy to receive some beautiful finger puppets, puzzles, and books about Australian animals!

We had a makeup karate session on Thursday and then went straight to the park. We ran and ran! We are also learning responsibility by taking care of our flowers each day by watering them. 

On Friday, we watched a video about the caterpillar life cycle. All of our caterpillars are in their chrysalises now! After watching the video, we decided to become caterpillars ourselves through a movement activity. The children all took turns being swung by teachers in a chrysalis and then emerging like a butterfly. 

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone! 

-Miss Alana