Happy literacy week, everyone! The friends have loved learning more about Dr. Seuss during our author study.  

Due to the snow day, we have decided to extend literacy week into next week. If you didn't get a chance to come in to read to the children, we would love to have you any day next week! Come in at 9:30 or 11:30 and read a story. Send me an email if you are interested. Thank you SO much to all of the parents who came in to read to the 2s class. It was fantastic! We are also extending our book drive, so keep those donations coming. 

Monday we explored water beads with red fish and blue fish. We read the classic "Red Fish, Blue Fish" as we explored. We had karate like usual on Monday and also had some exciting parent visits from Cara, Jack's Mom, and Kate, George S.'s mom! Thank you! The children listened to part of the story "Horton Hears a Who," then watched and listened to a clip from the musical Seussical.

Tuesday we explored all things Cat in the Hat. We did puzzles with Dr. Seuss themed pieces, listened to more music from Seussical, and made Cat in the Hat inspired slime. The friends enjoyed exploring the different sensory and color aspects of the slime. It started out as red and white stripes, just like the Cat in the Hat's hat. After while, it turned to pink as it was mushed together. A big thank you to Dy, Yvie's mom for coming in to read to us! 

Wednesday was an unexpected spring snow day. The teachers enjoyed a day off and the children returned to school on Thursday full of stories of snowballs and crunching in the snow.

Thursday we explored "Horton Hears a Who" even more by pretending that pom poms were the tiny planet of Whoville. We searched for and saved the whos! We placed them down (with glue) safely on a very soft clover (paper mache balloon). Search and rescue is a familiar theme in play- every child enjoys being the hero sometimes! After we "saved" all the "whos," we watched a clip from the movie where the littlest one of all saves the day. Marco's mom, Shana, came and read to us at snack time, and his dad, Eric, came to read to us at lunch time. Thank you! Even though it's literacy week, the friends are still interested in robots and our robot song. During music with Evan, they had the treat of being able to sing along to the Robot Song while Evan played his guitar. 

George's last day before he moves back to California was on Thursday as well. We celebrated by reading a new social story for him and having a dance party. We will miss George! 


Friday was focused on "Green Eggs and Ham!" We read the book as a large group and then took turns cooking the classic. The children thought it was very funny that the eggs turned green as food coloring was added! We listened to the song "Green Eggs and Ham" from the musical Seussical and danced while we were waiting for the food to cook. We also had yoga with Lakshmi and did a lot of deep breathing while we counted to different numbers. Nora's dad, Nate, came in to read during circle time and Aidan's mom, Delphine, came in to read during lunch time. Thank you both so much!

We hope that everyone has a fantastic weekend filled with wonder to rival that of a Dr. Seuss book. See you on Monday! 

-Miss Alana