Welcome back from Spring Break!

On Monday, we loved hearing about where all of the friends went on vacation, or about the exciting things they got up to on their staycation. We had karate, painted on easels, explored sand, and had many conversations about the break.

On Tuesday, Luke's grandma came in to make beautiful flowers on sea shells with us. Our school is starting to look like springtime is coming! We enjoy it so much when adults who are special to the children come in to do projects or read stories. Thank you! 

We love Luis, our Spanish teacher! He is so silly. The friends really enjoy his goofy energy. We worked on the days of the week and listened to the familiar story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar in Spanish. The friends were able to make connections from the English version, showing great pre-literacy skills! 

Thursday was a fantastic Park Day! We ate snack quickly, then spent all morning at the park. The friends loved the gorgeous weather and were full of chatter about spring time. The 2's class is looking forward to the changing seasons and more days to explore outside!

On Friday, we were so happy to go back to the park!! The friends were very excited the whole walk there, but then the park was closed. It was a disappointment to the friends, but a good lesson in flexibility. We walked around the corner and sure enough, the basketball courts were open. We enjoyed being in the open space and making our own games! There are a lot of pictures from both Thursday and Friday on instagram, so be sure to check those out if you haven't already. 

We are so excited for Springtime to finally emerge!

-Miss Alana