On Monday, we were so excited that Jack's dad, Jared, came in to help us learn all about how pizza is made! He brought dough, flour, and rolling pins. The children were able to explore the different sensory aspects of the pizza dough as well as begin to understand that it would turn into delicious pizza with just a little work and an oven. It was a messy but very fun day! 

On Tuesday, we used some (clean!) dough gifted to us by Jack's dad to make mini pizzas. The children had a lot of fun spreading sauce and sprinkling cheese. At lunch time, we got to sample the pizza! The friends thought it was delicious. The children love it so much when their parents come to school and do activities with us. The impact lasts all week! The friends talked about Jack's dad and made sure to fill in their friends who weren't there on Monday. 

The twos are loving Spanish more and more each week. They sing the songs throughout the week and have started to request certain Spanish vocabulary words or to count in Spanish! We have been talking about the weather and the days of the week. With the changing seasons up ahead, the children have been interested in how the weather and seasons work. We also used up the last of the pizza dough to make more pizzas. The friends were excited about having pizza two days in a row!

No school for the children on Thursday, but we enjoyed seeing so many parents! Thank you so much for the wonderful Parent Teacher Conferences. It truly is best for the children when we can work together to help them grow and learn. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day! We celebrated in school on Friday with many green things and talking a bit to the children about Ireland. I have some Irish heritage and my cousin is a professional Irish dancer! I showed the children a few steps that I knew while we listened to Irish dance music. We also watched a short clip of a performance- one that showed a stage, the audience, and the performers. This was a nice segue way into talking to them about our upcoming performance featuring our Robot Song! The friends also tried out Irish dancing for themselves and loved going around the room hopping on their tiptoes. 

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone! 

-Miss Alana