Books, books, books galore! Our 2s have been loving every book that we read them and are starting to sit for longer amounts of time during circle time to listen to stories! We encourage them to ask questions, comment, and "read along" with parts that they have memorized. Whenever they engage in listening to a story, they are building valuable pre-literacy skills that someday will help them read! 

On Thursday, we celebrated our love for Pete the Cat and his white shoes. We have been reading Pete the Cat book since the beginning of the year and Pete has emerged as a class favorite. We did an activity that worked on sequencing, predicting what happens next in the story, and color recognition. After the activity, we had a big dance party! 

Friday, we read the story of the Gingerbread Boy again. Over the last week when we have read the story, the children have wondered what gingerbread tasted like. So, during cooking time today, we decorated ginger snap cookies with raisins and frosting to make our very own gingerbread people. The children loved decorating and then eating the cookies. 

Here's some of what they said as they decorated: 

Jack: "Happy"

George: "It's a cookie face"

Eliot: "Truck face"

Kyan: Yum face, yummy face face"

Thomas: "A monster"

Henry: "Happy" 

Have a wonderful weekend! 

-Miss Alana