Hi everyone! 

The Amazon wishlist for the school is up and running! We can't wait to open up presents on Polar Express day while in pajamas. Thank you all!

We continued using the beans in the sensory bin from last week. The 2's loved putting them into different sized containers, screwing on the lids, and then shaking them! We could tell that they the children were proud of themselves when they could maniuplate opening and closing the various jars. We were working on developing fine motor skills and gaining independence come snack and meal time! Monday we were so fortunate to have Evan come to do music. The 2's class loved singing and dancing with Evan and especially liked his guitar.

"He has a guitar! I have a guitar too, at home." -Henry

We took turn banging on different sizes of drums, listening to how they sounded different. 

"That's a big drum!" -Nora

"It's so loud." -George

Tuesday, we explored with clay in a new way- by throwing it on the ground and the walls! When the clay hit the ground, it went, SPLAT! It was a fun and slightly chaotic experience. Children need outlets for their emotions that are productive. By throwing and squishing the clay, issues of both aggression and exuberant excitement were worked on. By combining a movement and sensory experience, children were able to explore clay in a different way than we usually do. This is an activity that we will revisit. 

Today we had a busy morning with Spanish, science experiments, and a group painting project. Starting this morning, we had the whole school work on a group painting project on a poster board with tape patterns. This afternoon, we tore off the tape and will hang up the final product soon! It looks beautiful. In Spanish, we all enjoyed getting a hug- abrazo- from the special puppet our Spanish teacher brought. After science, we enjoyed an art and science project. Using oil and watercolors, we created works of art while learning about how the oil separates from the water, starting to examine some of the properties of liquids. 

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See you tomorrow!

-Miss Alana