On Monday, we had movement with Miss Alana, did an art project with leaves, explored a giant block of clay, and built some interesting creations with magnitiles. 

During movement, we introduced sticks for the first time! We worked on rhythm, following directions, and the differences between fast and slow. The children are starting to build some essential music skills, like following along with a simple rhythm. 

On Tuesday, we thoroughly explored the different types of beans in the sensory bin. A class favorite were two little containers inside of the beans, complete with lids that they children worked on opening and closing independently. Children took turns filling up the containers with beans then shaking it all around, listening to the sound that the beans made! After a nice morning at school, we all went to the park together. At the park, the children helped collect leaves to be used in an art project. They also climbed, ran, rolled, and jumped, all while exploring the playground equipment. 

On the day before Thanksgiving, we read some Thanksgiving books, baked yummy cornbread, made butter from cream by using a jar and a marble, and had Spanish! It was a busy day and the children are getting very excited for Thanksgiving. 


Also, we wanted to give Luke's family a giant thank you for bringing in some wonderful leaves that we are using in art projects. The children painted them this week and now they are the start to our Family Tree. Over the Thanksgiving Break, please be sure to take photos of your family together for use at school! They will be added to our Family Tree and talked about often at school. 



Have an amazing Thanksgiving! We are thankful for you and thankful that we get to experience learning with your children. 


Miss Alana