It was a fun filled and busy week here at Buckle My Shoe. 

On Monday, we did music and movement with Alana. Using just the drum and handheld instruments to start out, we explored what types of music could be made from different rhythms. We also practiced FREEZING when the music stopped. This was a challenge for all, but a great way to work on issues of impulse control! 


We also started our self-portraits on Monday. You might have noticed that they are all hanging up on the door to the sensory room at school! Come check them out, they really are marvelous. 

On Tuesday, we started to paint a big box that came in the mail. We are making it into a cozy space, complete with pillows, a light, and stuffed animals. We love getting cozy and taking a minute to relax our bodies! 


On Wednesday, there was a tour for prospective families. Kyan saw the school's logo on a brochoure and wanted to show his new friends that the logo was also on the door! It was a great moment. We also danced around quite a bit to our recent favorite song, We are the Dinosaurs. After the tour finished, we made Oobleck! It was a neat and messy experience for everyone. 


Thursday we had an exciting first adventure outside. We sang songs as we walked around the neighborhood, making sure to notice all of the buses, taxis, and airplanes that passed by! 

Then Friday we had our first day of cooking at school, making a delicious fruit salad; complete with sugar on top! Lakshmi came to do yoga with us. We rolled around, stretched our bodies, and sang some silly songs. We look forward to yoga on Fridays! 


Remember to be checking the flickr account for even more photos. Hope you have a great long weekend!

-Miss Alana