Hello! Expect a long post tomorrow detailing all the fun that we had this week, including apple picking! 

Every once and awhile, I'll be updating the blog with bonus posts. These bonus blog posts will have some information about things we have been doing at school that you can also do at home. Have a suggestion for a blog post? Need more information about why we do a certain thing at school? Please reach out! The next bonus post will delve a bit more into role play and emotions to help children gain emotional awareness and regulation. For today, we will be focusing on "W-Sitting."



As teachers, we have noticed a lot of “W-Sitting” from the kids. You might have heard one of us tell your children in spoken or song form, “sit crisscross applesauce, not a W,” or “show me your knees when you sit.” While a lot of kids feel comfortable sitting with their legs splayed out in a W, it actually can be problematic in the long-term, in both anatomical and developmental ways.

W-Sitting has been linked with potential hip and knee problems in children. We want all of the children's bodies to be active, healthy, and happy! Avoiding sitting in a W is one way to help all the children grow strong. 

Additionally, when children sit in a W position, they can't reach across the mid-line. Reaching across helps children to develop a dominate hand preference; something that is fundamental to developing the fine motor skill of writing. 

It’s not something to dedicate a lot of time and energy to but it is something that has a simple fix of sitting in a different way! That’s why at school we use simple language and then physically help the child sit another way if needed. 

Here are links to a few articles from doctors, physical/occupational therapists, and parents about some of the dangers of W-sitting. Feel free to ask any of us questions about it as well!




See you tomorrow! 

-Miss Alana