An important part of our identity at any given time is how are are feeling. This week, we are starting our focus on identity in earnest, starting with emotions. Even adults can be confused with their emotions at times, so imagine how confusing learning the nuances of emotions can be for the children! That's why we are creating space for them to learn, explore, and express their emotions at school.

We do a few different things to demystify emotions for the children. We make a point during circle time and throughout the day to ask each child how they are feeling. Whatever answer they give (or choose not to give) is okay! Reiterating that children's emotions are valid is important. After all, it only makes sense that children feel angry after someone takes a preferred toy away from them, just like adults can get angry when the MTA has unexplained delays. 

We are working with each and every child to help them gain the valuable skill of saying how they feel, no matter if it's happy or sad, silly or angry. 

This week, we have been reading books and asking the children what the main characters are feeling. Their answers are sometimes surprising and insightful! 


In addition to spending time reading about different emotions, we also took some time to try on those different emotions, embodying what a feeling feels like! 

George showed us "happy." Yvie showed us "silly." Nora showed us "angry." Kyan showed us "silly." Eliza showed us "silly." Henry showed us "happy."

Stay tuned for more emotion pictures throughout the next few weeks. On Friday, I'll share some of the special activities we did this week! It's been a busy and joyful week thus far. At home, discuss your own emotions with your child. Ask how they feel! You can give prompts if they do not immediately answer. Include siblings or other caregivers into the conversations. Be sure to let us know if you or your child have any exciting emotions to share. See you tomorrow! 

-Miss Alana