The two words on everyone's minds this week were "BAKE SALE!"

We had a fantastic time selling our baked goods to benefit the Houston Independent School District after Hurricane Harvey. Each child worked hard to sell as many cupcakes and cookies as they could. All together, we raised over $220 dollars! 

We had a busy start to the week in addition to the bake sale. Aidan's birthday happened over our long weekend, so we celebrated on Monday with some of this favorite things. He brought a yummy treat to share during snack time, and Delphine, his mom, read us some of his favorite books from home. Happy Birthday, Aidan! We loved celebrating his birthday.

Monday we did music and movement. This week the biggest hit was "We Are the Dinosaurs" by the Laurie Berkner Band. Everyone had fun pretending to be dinosaur eggs, making their body so small, then cracking, cracking, cracking as they grew all the way to be a big, roaring dinosaur! By using imaginative play and movement, we started talking about the opposites of "big" and "little." 

Tuesday, we had clay day. Using rolling pins, children practiced fine motor skills as they rolled out the squishy clay into different shapes. It was a great sensory experience for all! We started our fantastic bake sale on Tuesday, raising over $100.  

Wednesday, it was Science Day. We made slime! The oozy, gooey, purple slime made it's way between everyone's fingers and even up a few arms. The children explored moving the slime around in the sensory table and then had a chance to practice doing a very thorough job of hand washing. We continued our bake sale, this time making over $120 to donate! Not bad, for two hours worth of sales. Since we have extra goodies left to sell, we will continue selling them in the afternoons until we have run out. 

We hope to see some of you shortly at the back to school picnic. We will have our first Literacy Thursday tomorrow, so get excited for some ABC's! 

See you tomorrow! 

-Miss Alana