Robots, robots, robots!

Have you seen our robot curriculum develop on Instagram?! We've continued to incorporate the children's interest in robots into our day's activities last week. From discussing how robots move and focusing on sharp and soft body movements during robot dance parties, to using the 'Chatterpix' application to make our recycled robots talk! We have also been singing robot-related songs and playing robot games. Additionally, the friends have been working on writing letters from a robot alphabet. There has also been some painting with robot parts, like tin foil robot balls and gears. We ended our week by eating pasta and bagels, a favorite food of robots (according to the friends). For our next cooking day, it looks like we will make pancakes- another favorite food of robots!

Rescue Team

Another theme we noticed last week took place in the block area. The friends have been building boats with hollow blocks. Each time, there are passengers and a person steering the boat. However, the plot involves the passengers falling out of the boat and seeking refuge. They call out to the friends left on the boat, "Help me! Help me!" or "Save me, save me!" until they are lifted back onto the boat. On some days the boat "breaks" and the children work together to build a sturdier boat. We wonder how this play will evolve and focus on how the children's gestures and body language communicate their wants and needs.