In the Spirit of Valentine's Day...

We are so excited for Valentine's Day and our party next week, from beading bracelets and making cards for friends, learning about anatomical hearts, and building a robot mailbox! We have also been counting down the days until our party (2/14) during morning meeting. This has really increased interest in learning the functions of a calendar. Every morning we sing the 'Days of the Week' song and a helper writes in the date.   

A month of kindness, one act at a time

This week we read the book titled, How Full is Your Bucket, which encourages mindfulness and acts of kindness to all. Inspired by the story, we now have a class bucket, which can be filled with drops of water (marbles) when friends show kindness towards each other and their school. Today, we witnessed so many kind acts, from sharing toys to helping to clean up other's messes. When our bucket is full, we will have a reward for all of the children. 

At the end of today's reading, we had a conversation about kindness and Valentine's Day. We are having a party with games, dancing and more, however there are children who cannot celebrate Valentine's Day the way we will due to illness. This led us to think of ways to make them feel happy, and we thought to make them beautiful cards and paintings for Valentine's Day. We are partnering with Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center to send a group of children Valentines from the friends. The children were so eager to make them cards today!

More info. on how this project unfolds coming soon!