Robot Curriculum

The 3’s/4’s kids have shown an interest in all things robots. We have noticed this theme in their conversations with one another and in their play. We started working on building our own robot models this week using foam blocks wrapped in aluminum foil, and an assortment of metal and plastic loose parts. I also encouraged the children to look around the classroom for items that inspired them to help bring their robot ideas to fruition. Robot names, functions, personalities, and stories have already begun to develop. More to come next week!

The afternoon group has also been working on building one larger robot with cardboard boxes and Styrofoam. This has all ignited further interest in robots for both the 3’s/4’s class and our 2’s friends. Together, they have been adding details to the larger robot, from CD's for eyes, to a cardboard ring for a crown, and even felt squares for underpants. We have also started using this robot to discuss feelings. Additionally, the 2's class has started robot portraits. We are eager to see what the children come up with next! Michelle, our Spanish teacher, also incorporated a robot song and interactive story to this week's class!


Robot Collaborative Story 

(a collaborative ongoing story, written by the friends)

"There were six little robots that lived together in a house. They were all friends. They played games. The game that was their favorite game was hide and seek. The robots hide in the trees in the backyard. They be so quiet. Three robots worked together and found the other robots. The robots also went to a school called, Robot School. The robots has robot toys there. There was paints there and they even go to the beach and they bring the beach ball! The robots decided to have a robot party at the beach. They walked so slow to the beach and then they walked so fast to the beach. More robots met them there. It was a dress-up beach party and all of the robots dressed up as different robots. They danced and played with the beach ball."


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Happy Friday! -Carla