Self-portraits and Family Portraits

We worked on self-portraits for the month of January and started created portraits of the members in our family. 

Additions to our circle time

I added two things this week to our circle time/ meeting time routine: a picture schedule and attendance chart. The picture schedule is changed every morning before circle time by me, and illustrates the events and special activities for the day. We had a 'schedule workshop' early in the week where we learned how to read the schedule (from left to right). Each card in the schedule has either a photograph or clip-art illustration, and the printed description (center time, snack time, Yoga, etc.). All of the children have shown an interest in print lately. The schedule not only gives them a sense of responsibility and helps them with expectations for the day, but also gives them additional exposure to print in a meaningful context. Each day, different friend will be in charge of going over the day's schedule and taking attendance using picture cards with each child's face. See our Instagram for more photos/videos!


Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Meal time is always a great time for conversation, socializing, and even playing games.  This week we have been discussing letters and letter sounds. During snack time, we played a game focusing on specific letters drawn on rocks, and brainstormed what words started with letters. The friends took turns looking for objects in the classroom that matched the letters. We came up with the following: T for tissue box and telephone, B for book, M for marker, S for straw, and R for ring. Later, I hid the objects around the room; each friend picked out a rock without looking, and searched for the item that started with the letter they picked. We were so excited!


Second Curriculum Morning

We ended the week with the second curriculum morning of the school year. We are so excited to hang up the family portraits and put together the quilt squares to make one beautiful BMS family quilt! If you weren't able to attend this morning, no worries-- we will send materials home on Monday. 


Happy Birthday, Alana!

Dance party, birthday flowers and hugs for Ms. Alana!


Specialists: Spanish and Yoga


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Have a lovely weekend!