Hello parents! 

I returned to work this Tuesday after two days off following a bad fall. Thankfully, I am quickly recovering and so happy to be back at work. Thank you for your well wishes! Here's a rundown of our week. Remember, to look at our google drive account for all photos taken this week. 



Visit from the dentist

Dental hygiene is so important. Two dental hygienists from Chelsea Dental Associates stopped by this week and taught us the ins and outs of teeth care, from brushing teeth to flossing. Yay for gift bags and Sugar Bugs, a book donated to our school. The children have requested to read it several times this week!


Music, Karate, Movement, and Yoga!

Happy Birthday Arya and Marco

We celebrated Arya's third birthday and Marco's second birthday (from the 2's class). It's so wonderful celebrating birthdays together at school. Since we are such a small community, the children have all gotten to know each other really well. We were so excited to celebrate Arya and Marco with dance parties, their favorite activities and birthday treats with family!


Instant Snow & Milkshakes

The snow is almost all melted outdoors, but we are all still excited about snow INDOORS! We made 'Instant Snow' (synthetic polymer with super, water-absorbing properties). It erupts/ expands when water is added, and feels and looks just like real snow! We also went to the market and picked up ingredients for strawberry and banana milkshakes. The friends added the ingredients (frozen strawberries, bananas, milk, andsugar) into the blender. Most of the kids has several servings!

Have a great weekend! Remember to follow us on Instagram (Bucklemyshoe13)!

See you Tuesday!