Hi! I hope that you enjoyed the long weekend. The friends were excited to be back at school on Tuesday. We explored more of our new doctor's kit materials and enjoyed the sensory bin filled with water. Taking advantage of the nice weather, we went on a walk around the neighborhood. We walked almost all the way to the high line and noticed many different things!

On Wednesday, we had Spanish and worked on learning the names of different animals. After Spanish, the 2's class made "medicine" with Ms. Carla. Using paint, water, shaving cream, and other concoctions, the friends created their own medicines and told us who they would give the medicine to. 

On Thursday, the friends were very engaged in dramatic play. They have been pretending that the black closet is an elevator. The friends decided what floors to go to (floor 10), where the elevator was (in Florida), and how many friends could be in the elevator at one time (four). Counting while the elevator reached each floor was a favorite activity! 

On Friday we had yoga with Lakshmi and discovered our shadows. It was so much fun to dance and watch each other's shadows! After yoga, the friends did "yo-yo painting." Using a pantyhose filled with beans, they got to choose what color to dip the yo-yo in and watch it bounce up and down creating unique patterns on the paper! 

See you next week! 

-Miss Alana