We did martial arts with Ms. Gloria at the park this Monday! After we were finished, we walked over to the jungle gym section of the park and explored to our heart's content. At snack time, we practiced our Robot Song. 

We have so many doctors in the house, here at BMS. Our new supplies came in the mail, so we explored listening to our heartbeats with real stethescopes, looking at X-Rays, and reading new books about the doctor. The medical supplies and toys were bought using funds that we earned from our Spring Market. The friends were proud that their artwork bought them new toys to use at school. 

Wednesday was Kristine's birthday! We enjoyed celebrating with her during Spanish, by singing Happy Birthday in Spanish. Feliz Cumpleanos, Kristine! Louis brought in an instrument, a finger harp, for each friend to try. 

First time at Bleecker Street park with the whole group! We had so much fun playing with the toys that are there, exploring the jungle gym, and digging in the sand. The friends were very happy to be outside exploring somewhere new! 

We were playing outside in the sun and the shade at the park today! First we had yoga and explored how air fills our lungs and is all around us when we move. After yoga, we had a quick park day. The friends have been thriving with fresh air and freedom to move around and run! We are very glad that it is springtime. 

We hope that you have safe travels this weekend, or enjoy much needed extra time at home! See you all Tuesday. 

-Miss Alana