Monday was our amazing trip to the New York Philharmonic. We loved seeing so many of you there! The Philharmonic gave a concert for the children about the "Building Blocks of Music." After the concert, members of the Philharmonic were available with instruments for the children to play. 

On Tuesday we practiced for graduation at school, wearing our costumes and singing the songs. Everyone is getting so excited for the performance. After we practiced, we went on a quick walk to the mailbox to mail the check of donations for Elizabeth Seaton that we raised from our Spring Market. 

On Wednesday, we had Spanish and sang about all different types of fruits in Spanish. Thank you for bringing in different types of fruits! The friends learned the different names for the fruits during Spanish then got a chance to sample all of them with lunchtime. We also went across the street to Integral Yoga to practice for our graduation performance! The friends were a bit excited (and confused) about being in the new space, so it is good that we have a few different practices before inviting all of you to see the performance. 

Thursday we had another practice for graduation. Things are really coming together! The friends have been singing the Robot song often and are excited to show off their robot dance moves. We also had our last music session with Evan. The friends will miss him! 

Friday was field day! Everyone had so much fun taking the train and playing different games with friends. Thank you so much to all the parent chaperones and volunteers. It really was a fantastic day! 

Have a fantastic weekend! We can't wait to see you for the last week of school next week.

-Miss Alana