Hi! I hope everyone is staying dry and warm in the storm today. 


On Monday, we had martial arts and made play dough. Carla wrote out the recipe on the whiteboard so the friends could have a visual aid while they made it! By actively participating in the preparation aspect of one of their favorite activities, the 2's have started to make important scientific discoveries. This time around, they got to squeeze fresh lemon into the recipe. Over zealous (as always!), the 2's decided to squeeze the entire lemon into the dough. They chose to have the play dough be yellow, just like the lemon. Smart!

Tuesday brought time learning a new song with Noelle and walk to smell flowers at the market. We have been working on writing a song about robots together with the children. Expect a recording of the song soon, so you can sing along at home!

On Wednesday, we had Spanish and learned a new song about sharks! Check out the Spanish home review Carla sent out today. You might be surprised how much the 2's are picking up in Spanish! After Spanish, we took a quick trip to the park. 

On Thursday, we had music with Evan. The 2's get so silly during music- check out the video on Instagram! One of the songs we sing every time we have music, is one where the friends have to pretend to be asleep while Evan slowly counts to three. After he gets to three, he plays his guitar loudly and we all sing, "Wake up! Wake up, wake up, wake up!" It's a great way to work on impulse control and patience. It's hard to wait until he gets to three, but the friends can do it! 

Just a reminder to follow us on instagram at Bucklemyshoe13 and to be always checking out the google drive. All of the photos that we take throughout the day are on there. You can get to the google drive by clicking here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1DRmYYUnip2ucyM6NzLodgCZfjaCmggQn

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! 

-Miss Alana