I hope that you all had a fantastic President's Day holiday and spent time enjoying the long weekend. We were so happy to see everyone on Wednesday and to have a blast this very short week! 

Wednesday we took advantage of some unscheduled time, as Spanish got moved to Thursday for just this week. The weather was beautiful, so we went to the park for a long morning. The children moved every inch of their bodies, working on gross motor skills, played some very silly games, working on imagination, and used sidewalk chalk to express the joy they felt, working on their artistic skills! 

Thursday we had the special treat of having Spanish on a different day. That meant that the Tuesday/Thursday children got a chance to have Spanish! They were fascinated. We also did our February self-portraits, working on both artistic skills and fine motor skills. The self-portraits have evolved since the start of the year! They are hanging up on the wall at school. Be sure to check them out! 

Friday we enjoyed yoga with Lakshmi, worked on self-portraits, and continued working on our newest project- a song about robots! The children are working hard to create and learn an original piece of music, all about robots and emotions. 

Finally, Friday was Ms. Carla's birthday!! The friends enjoyed cupcakes and loved celebrating with her. 


Have a great weekend! 

-Miss Alana