Hi Families! We have had a fun week. 

Please follow our Instagram if you aren't already! We post on there several times a day and upload all of our photos to google drive. Please head on over to those two places to see all of the pictures from the week! 

Monday, the dentist came to tell the children all about brushing their teeth and the "sugar bugs" that will visit when children do not brush their teeth! It was a great visit and we hope that you are enjoying the goodies from the dentist office. We also had martial arts and used our whole bodies to hit the mat with both hands. 


Tuesday we did music with myself. We worked on basic rhythm competency and used drumsticks to stick to a beat. Each child had a chance to lead the group, gaining some leadership skills through music. 


Wednesday we had Spanish and made instant snow. When we added water to the special solution, cold, fluffy snow was made! We also talked about what winter clothes we wear! Each child said what clothes they wore to stay warm. It was Arya's (from the 3/4s class) birthday. We all celebrated by dancing together then having a yummy treat. 


Thursday was Marco's birthday celebration! He turned 2 and we are so excited for him. Because Marco loves to build things and use the play tools, we set up some centers with building and tools materials. His family came to celebrate at snack time. We loved hearing some of his favorite stories and eating a treat! We had music with Evan afterwards, which was fun as always. 


Friday we had yoga with Lakshmi. After yoga, the 3/4's class went to the store across the street to pick up some fruit while the 2's class build some structures in the block area. When the other class got back with our ingredients, we made smoothies with strawberries and bananas. What a treat! The blender was loud, it was exciting, and the smoothies were cold and delicious. 


Have a fantastic long weekend, everyone! See you all on Tuesday. 

-Miss Alana