Happy New Year! This week we launched our instagram with daily posts. We have transitioned to posting a few times each day on instagram with a detailed blog post on Fridays. Follow us! We are @bucklemyshoe13. To protect the children’s privacy, if your name isn’t clearly visible on your Instagram, we ask that you shoot us an email letting us know who you are along with your follow request.

Because of low attendance this week due to travel plans and the cold, we combined ages often and are updating both the 2s and 3/4s blogs with the same post. Enjoy!

The children were excited to be back at school on Tuesday and were full of chatter about their holiday experiences. We worked on building elaborate structures with blocks and manipulatives. 
We also explored a sand and oatmeal filled sensory bin. To celebrate the new year, we got together to watch a clip of the ball drop over Times Square. We worked on counting both forwards and backwards, all while cheering and getting excited for 2018.

Wednesday we had Spanish and did a fun science experiment. The children loved guessing if different objects would sink or float. Learning about gravity and water properties was so much fun. Continuing to work on numbers and to recognize the new year, we counted down while watching a clip of the ball drop again.

It was also Lennox’s first day at BMS. Welcome Lennox!! We are so excited to get to know her. Be sure to say hi on Monday, Wednesday, Fridays.


Thursday was a SNOW DAY! We hope that you all enjoyed the extra time off from school and kept warm.

Despite the bitter cold on Friday, we were up and running in our cozy school. The children kept busy all morning playing with the different things we had set out. The magnatiles were a hit, as always. We had yoga with Lakshmi and split up into mixed age groups. During yoga, we pretended that colorful scarves were snow flurries and also counted down again for the new year! After yoga, we brought some clean snow inside and explored the snow with all our senses. It was so cold. Throughout the day, we probably read almost 15 books! The children soaked up every literacy experience they got and kept requesting new books.

On Friday, we also celebrated a very important person’s birthday- Grandpa Barys! He brought cupcakes and we had a great time eating them after lunch.

We hope you all stay warm this weekend and look forward to seeing you on Monday!

-Miss Alana

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