Happy Friday! 

We have so many amazing quotes and questions from this week's exploration of community, inventions and history. Wednesday's beautiful weather and bright sun illuminated Pre-K curiosities about New York City buildings. While we were having a parachute picnic party in AT&T square the class had the following conversation that sparked a building research question project:

Cian: Why is it called the freedom tower?? 

Grant: The stick lights up at night in winter, on top of the freedom tower. What’s that for? 

Caleb: Why do you call buildings buildings? 

Sophia: Why are house called houses? 

Luke M: Because people want to make good names for buildings and houses in the city. 

Luke K: Why this tower have no windows? 

James: The windows are on the other side.

Cian: No when I come to school I don’t see windows on the other side.

Luke M: They don’t want to be distracted from work. 

Caleb: Why are there bags on the trees? 

Cian: Someone was holding them and they let them go. What is that white thing called on top of the building? 

Asha: Why does the air conditioning blow air and also why does the sky have clouds? 

Luke M: Clouds are important because they let snow and rain come down.

Teaching 2A how to "Have a party"

As we explore the concepts of community, teamwork and teaching the Pre-K class has developed a flow of ideas and conversation. They gracefully share their knowledge, take turns "in the spotlight" and develop problem solving skills alongside their peers. 

One such conversation sparked our plans for visiting and "teaching" 2A: 

James: Morgan wans  to put her clothes on by herself

Caleb: I'm gonna teach them how to dress up!

Sophia: I'm gonna teach them how to put on a headband.

Cian: I'm gonna teach Nico how to dress up!

Grant: I'm gonna teach them how to wear a crown and to drink out a water bottle. 

Luke K.: I teach them to feed Kiki Blub Blub and clean up. 

Caleb: And we need a dance runway

Asha: And we need to pick some songs to dance to

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