Happy Valentine's Day! Happy Lunar New Year! Happy Black History Month! Happy President's Day! 

The Pre-K class has been studying spatial reasoning, mathematics, physics and debate throughout our explorations of Love, community and the February Holidays. Throughout our play the children have displayed a rapidly growing knowledge of how angles, force, and size influence how objects move. We are excited to see where these discoveries take our work and play when we return from break. The Pre-K teachers harnessed these interests by organizing a Partner Dance for Valentine's Day! 

We also began discussing President's Day and Black history month with a discussion and reading about Barack Obama. 

"I know Obama was the President, but not anymore" -Cian

"Yeah, my dad and me were talking about the whole United States and I know about Obama" -Luke M

"Obama has O, like the letter of the week!" -Cooper

Next week we will Celebrate Lunar New Year and explore more of the following topics:

  • debate
  • black history month
  • measuring
  • physics 
  • community

Valentine's Day and Preparations! 

Thank you all for contributing and participating in our party. Throughout the week we have observed a growing interest in helping peers and younger children in the school. During our literacy meetings we shared how we feel about each other and how we feel when we hear nice things:

Luke K: I love you Sophia

Caleb: I love Sophia too

James: I want to tell her too! 

Cian: I love when you play dress-up with me, Caleb

Sophia: I really like when Cooper helps me 

How does it feel to hear nice things?

James: Makes me Happy! 

Cian: Lots of feelings mixed up

Caleb: Sad, but happy, like I want to cry. Sad. 

Sophia: I had that feeling before


Pre-K has been showing their appreciation for each other and examining the various ways people in the community communicate. We will be taking some time in the coming weeks to dive deep into a community project with the 3A, 3B, 2A and 2B classes. 

"We can teach them to use the potty" -Grant

We joined 3A at the park today and naturally began teaching them our Monkey Banana game! 

"When the monkey comes you gotta run!" -Asha