Happy Friday! 

Thanks for your patience while we took some time away from the blog to focus on portfolios and curriculum.

Our curriculum focus on inventions has inspired the children to develop and practice innovation, problem solving and group processes. This week they took ownership of the curriculum and had some amazing suggestions for future projects. 

Project Ideas, some of which are already underway: 

  • Class clothing store
  • Class food store
  • Class currency 
  • Playing musical instruments for the babies 
  • Bubble art 
  • Seasons 
  • Wishes for spring
  • "Force field" gymnastics
  • Slow down, quiet and open/closed signs
  • make slime and play dough everyday 

The Pre-K Clothing and Shoe Store

Cashier(s): Luke K. and James

Manager(s): Sophia and Caleb/Calin

Store Greeter: Grant 

Customer: Cian, Syd, Annabel, Cooper, Ben, Luke M., Aayush, Asha

Visiting Infant A

"We should sing them a song" -James

"And play music to them" -Ben

"With the guitars" -Cooper

"But we have to play it quiet, babies will get scared of loud music" -Sophia 

"Yeah, and only baby songs" -Caleb

S is for...

Shared Snack and string cheese

Sensory Science