“Like in the city? There’s museums and stores and my home, and us” -Luke M. 


Jumping off from the past two weeks, our exploration of Cities has become more concentrated on the people and places we know in the city. This week we were curiously exploring the concept of community. Pre-K understandings of community grow from their direct experiences in and around the city.

Some of our current questions and curiosities include:

  • Is everything in the city our community?

  • Is our class the same as our community? 

  • How do we show our community we appreciate them? 

The children began drawing pictures of their friends, teachers and their favorite places in the city. 

This is the museum and the mummy dead, I go to the museum
— Luke K
I’m drawing Caleb and Sophia
— Asha
I’m drawing you, Syd! You have brown hair like this and you’re riding a skateboard. You have, like, tan skin and a tattoo
— Cian
I like when Cian and Sophia play dress up with me
— Caleb
I like the plus plus with Luke K
— Cooper

Food Science 

What happens to a strawberry when you eat it? 

"It goes in your throat and in your belly and then comes out in the bathroom" -Cian

"No, it goes to your belly and then through your blood to your feet maybe" -Sophia 

"These lines are the directions of the blood" -James 

"You eat it and it comes out the toilet" -Cooper