Happy Friday! 

Our current project theme is communication. As we discuss the different ways people and other creatures communicate the children have naturally gravitated to focused group project work. Communication and collaboration can be seen in a variety of centers!   

Check it out! 

Process Water Color Art

"First we gotta draw all over the white" -Asha

"Where water? Put the water on" -Luke K. 

"No, there's still some white, we gotta cover it all" -Luke M.  

"Guys, mix the red and black, it makes like a brown" -Ben

"Oh, look what colors I made" -Cian

"Guys try to mix blue and red, it's like purpley brown" -James

"Wait, James you have to use the water, it's getting all mixed together"


Engineering and Measuring 

"This one is down with the screws" -Grant

"Yeah, that means it's heavier" -Luke M.

"Let's use this one" (white scale) -Grant

"I have an idea, let's make them get all the way to 10 pounds!" -Luke M.

"OOOOOHHH YES! That's a great idea!" -Grant

Group Plans and Literacy

"How about after we do the meeting message we read this book and do some art" -Caleb

"Okay, I want to do the day" -Luke M 

"Yeah, and how about I do the good morning part and maybe the numbers after" -Asha

"I can write the numbers, and then read Cinderelephant. And look! The bunny has heels on" -Caleb 

"Can I do the messages part?" -Sophia 

"How do I do the W?" -Sophia 

(Luke K. points to the W on the Weather Station sign)