Happy Friday! Welcome back! 

As the children came back to school this week there was a noticeable increase in maturity and an emphasis on communication. The student sign making project has expanded from the block center to dramatic play and morning meeting. The children are excited to design and lead their own projects, and many children have taken on conflict management roles when peers have difficulties. Check out the bottom of the page for some of the New Year's Resolutions the children made this week. 

These developments have started a new Communication project! The children have been discussing the different ways people communicate and developing their own projects on this topic. We started a brainstorm web of these ideas and the children have taken the lead thinking up ideas and sharing their knowledge of communication. 


Big ?

How do people communicate?

News tells you how to do things! That’s commnunication
— Luke M.
Yeah, and news tells you what the president is doing
— Sophia
We make hand signs to communicate “Stop” (with hand up), please stop that’s what it means
— Ben
Maybe we can write a message for a sign
— James
We communicate through helping people
— Asha
We can help people get dressed. We do that when we like them or be nice
— Caleb
We communicate when we do teamwork
— Grant
We share together
— Cooper

Sign Making 


The children were making robots using plus-plus connectors and soon began a discussion of robot languages. This grew into a chant beginning with the group saying "Robot" in a robot voice, which transformed into 4 different words in their own "robot language." 

Helping: Sharing and Teamwork

New Year's Resolutions Pre-K 2018

Grant: "Stop eating candy before bed time because it keeps me up at night"

Asha: "Um, I'm not sure. Stop wearing crowns because they make the back of my ears hurt" 

James: "I want to stop eating gold fish because it makes my tummy feel silly" 

Caleb: "I don't know. Share..."

Luke M.: "I don't know..."