Happy Curriculum Celebration! 

Our Family curriculum celebration was a huge success! The children worked for weeks exploring the concept of family. They sparked their own Home project, shared their favorite family memories and took time to interview a family member. 

Discussing family structures and family narratives are some of the various ways children engage with and understand their environments. They wonder, compare, and contrast the various elements of their own families with those of their peers. These are core aspects of their developing identities. It is our hope as educators that the Pre-K class will develop and communicate a flexible, diverse and expansive understanding of family. 

We are so proud of the Pre-K class! Take some time to see our documentation and museum. We will have all of our museum documentation up next week, with the exception of the home museum section, which we will send home on Monday and Tuesday.

Thanks for coming! 

Curriculum Party: Family

More Photos from the Week