Music Monday!

On the first day of “The Week of the Young Child”, the students enjoyed “Music Monday”.

Sharing and exploring various instruments, the students sang their favorite songs, laughed and danced to the exciting tunes.

We also read their favorite books- singing and shaking our shakers to the words.


Tasty Tuesday:

For Tasty Tuesday the students made strawberry and banana smoothie! 

The smoothie was so good the students asked for seconds and thirds! The infant-B students were even sweet enough to make and share some smoothie with their neighbors- 1A class friends. 

Work Together Wednesday:

For work together Wednesday the infant--B students did collaborative paintings with a friend!

It was a lovely surprise to see the children so taken with the texture of the paint- a mixture of mod podge, sand and finger paint. How exciting!

The students enjoyed painting their canvas with the new and exciting paint but really took their time, exploring the mixture with their hands- rubbing the material between their fingers.

Artsy Thursday:

For Artsy Thursday the children painted with watercolor and droppers- using beautiful white dollies as their canvas.

Special Persons Day: 

For special personsday, the students planted flowers with a special someone that they have in their life- a Grandma, daddy, mommy and a big sister. 



Thank you, infant-B families! Have a wonderful weekend!