The infant- B students had a lovely Monday morning with their daddies- socializing and reading stories!

Exploring Spring Flowers!

At first, the students held the flowers in their hands, just admiring the beautiful material, with smiles on their faces. They then began gently touching the delicate petals with their fingers, excited by the piece of nature. It was lovely to see some of our friends smelling the flowers with their noses after their teacher demonstrated. Bravo!

Nature-based learning is a great way to explore shapes, colors, textures, scents and sounds. As the seasons change, the natural world provides an abundant array of learning experiences.

Music Jam Session

Preparing for our Spring Market: Creating our Blue Poster!

To create their beautiful blue poster for the spring market, the students smeared blue paint mixed with mod podge across the white canvas paper and then tossed various blue shades of shredded paper.