welcome back infant-b students!

The students were very excited to come back to school, from their week-long break and find a treasure sensory bin with various textures, just for them. 

It was a wonderful surprise to see how the students gravitated toward the paper tubes. Some friends chose to talk into the tubes- experimenting with their voices and noticing that they sound different. 

Others realized they could stick materials into the tube- watching the materials disappear into the tubes and reappear, as it came out of the other end. They were amazed! 

Creating and Exploring Sand Paper!

Will the students enjy experiencing the rough texture?

continuing our texture exploration, the infant-B students focused this week on the rough texture and created sandpaper!

The students poured their sand onto the sticky contact paper and used their hands to spread the rough sand across the paper. The students enjoyed the activity and did not hesitate with the rough texture. 

Nate not only came back from spring break walking, he came back running!

Bravo, Nate!

Leo always enjoyed visiting Mr. Geraffie in the gym, but today Mr. Geraffic came and surprised Leo in his classroom. 

How exciting, The week of the Young Child is next week!

In preparation for "special Person Day" next week, the students have begun painting their flower pots. Yay!

They will be planting flowers with their loved ones.


Thank you, Infant-B families!