Literacy Week

The infant-B class started literacy week off by having a pajama party! The students came to class wearing their cutest pjs, along with their favorite books from home, to share with their friends.

Painting letters!

Friends were also excited to paint letters! As we sang one of their favorite songs, "ABC’s", the students dipped, smeared, and tossed the wooden letters in the bright, wet paint.

It was a beautiful way of introducing letters to the students- seeing and feeling the shape of the letters, that they see and hear every day. 

Adding New and Exciting Books to Our Libary!

The infant-b parents donated amazing books to the class and the students enjoyed reading them all, throughout the week!

Thank you!!


The students were especially excited when mommies and daddies stopped in to read to them!

Tea Party!

To conclude the amazing week, the infant-b class had a tea party!

The students came dressed as their favorite storybook character and brought in their favorite book- to share with their class. 


Thank you, Infant-B families! Have a lovely weekend!