What can be better than beginning the lovely school week, by practicing our walking skills!



With excitement, Rohan took four perfect steps toward his teacher. After a short while, he started running to his teacher- laughing out loud!



The infant-b students have become pros at holding their writing instruments, as they draw their beautiful self-portraits. 


Practice makes perfect!

Nate and his classmates have been doing an amazing job using their spoons, during breakfast and lunch time- holding their spoons and feeding themselves. Bravo!

As Nate practices feeding himself, he is practicing motor skills- learning where his mouth is and how much force it takes to bend his arm to bring his hand or spoon to her mouth.

These skills require your little one to coordinate the motor systems and sensory processing systems of the brain.

Mealtimes offer multiple practice times each day, to help create a foundation of lifelong awareness and coordination of the body.


Painting on foil paper!

A large piece of foil paper was positioned in the center of the classroom floor, securely fastened with tape at the corners.

Green and red puddles of paint were then poured onto the shiny canvas for the children to freely explore- using only their bodies as paint brushes.

The students crawled onto the unfamiliar surface, first staring at the bright puddles of paint before maneuvering their pointers into the cold, wet material.

As the children smeared the paint across the shiny canvas, the smooth foil paper allowed the paint to glide across the surface.

As the infants used their hands, legs and feet to massage the paint onto the paper, the children noticed the crinkling sound the foil made each time they moved their bodies.

It was a pleasant surprise to see the students use their friend’s body as a canvas, after they were done experimenting with the foil.


“Are you painting your friend’s arms and legs?”


This collaborative art piece was an excellent sensory experience for the infant students- naturally encouraging creativity, gross and fine motor skills.


Gym Time! 


Have a beautiful weekend, Infant-B families!