What a lovely way to start off the week!

Una from the Infant-A class was kind enough to come and visit her old pal Nate, who transitioned into the infant-B class. Nate was very happy to see his friend Una as well.


Surprise Valentines day gifts for mommy and daddy!

Exploring Oobleck!

The infant-B class had a blast exploring a new and exciting texture- corn starch and water.

The mixture created a liquid solution that would periodically transform into a solid, as the students squeezed the mixture into their hands and in between their fingers.

What sound does the lion make?

As Grace and Rohan explored the animals side by side, they were very proud as they shouted out the animal sounds.



The most popular animal on this particle day was the lion! Once the roaring began it went on throughout the entire day!


Wonderful parallel play, students!


An Engaging Provocation that encouraged independent standing!

Lately, Our magical box provocation has become a motivational tool for Nate. Whenever Nate is inside the cardboard box, filled with delicate pieces of tissue paper, Nate is excited and willing to trust his own strength and balance to stand on his own!

Bravo,  Nate! 


Making a cozy house!



The infant-B students have jumped, dived, tapped, stood in, laid in and climbed on our exciting cardboard box.

But what should we do now? How about we make our magical box into a cozy house?

With a little paint, the students transformed their box into a beautiful house.

Students, should we add lights?



Thank you, Infant-B families. Have a lovely weekend!