The infant-B students were really excited practicing the guitar- a very popular instrument that they see Mr. Evan play for them. They love their music teacher!

Leo and Nate took turns practicing their skills on the guitar- tapping on the instrument as if it was a drum. The students also plucked the strings with their fingers, hearing the beautiful music they were creating. 


Wow! Leo, Your standing all by yourself! 

Beautiful, Job!

Leo has been independently standing a lot lately, especially when he is distracted and focused during a sensory exploration, like water play. 

It was such an amazing surprise to Leo Shafle take seven perfect independent steps. 

We are so proud!


Curriculum Morning Brunch- Family: Sharing Personal Stories!

Today the infant-B families came and read their child's personal stories to the classroom! The stories were all thoughtfully put together by the parents- detailing their child's favorite things to do, how and why they gave their little ones their names and more. 

There were loads of love put into making these stories, and we thank you all for sharing them with us!

Thank you, infant-B families! Have a lovely weekend!

See you all soon :)