This week the infant-B students started off their busy week with exploring Tissue paper!

The students used great focus as they pulled and ripped the delicate pieces of paper! Some also chose to create a game of peek-a-boo with the colored paper. 

Spanish Class!

The students absolutely enjoy Spanish.

They are now showing that they recognize the Spanish songs- through excited body movements and facial expressions, (big smiles and giggles).

Independent standing and steps!

We were more than excited to see the students challenging their bodies- standing unsupported and taking independent steps!

-Leo proudly stands unsupported in the gym. 

-Grace stands up and takes three dependent steps in her classroom.

Bravo, students!

Exploring Clay!

Squish, Poke, squeeze and pull!

The infant-B students had a blast exploring the familiar material- manipulating the shape and exploring the flexibility of the clay.

Lovely Transition!

Hello, Nicole!!!

Nicole is a new student to the infant-B class and she is transiting into her new school environment beautifully! 

We are so proud that Nicole is becoming more and more comfortable in her new classroom, each day- becoming more familiar with her teachers and friends!


Have a beautiful long weekend, Infant-B Families!