Hello Families, 

This week was short with Monday being a holiday. On Tuesday, we did mark making. Our friends are getting better and better at holding the crayon and marking with it.

On Wednesday, we spent most of our day exploring our classroom. 

On Thursday, we explored sand and glue. Most of our friends enjoyed the texture and explored it in their own way. Some used both their hands, some used only their finger as they weren't sure and some used one hand. To my surprise, no one made an attempt to put in their mouth. 

Since the past two days, we have been going to the Pre-K room to visit the bunny. Our friends are yet not comfortable with the bunny. We are going to try and go every day so they get accustomed to it and not be scared.

On Friday, we did body exploration with shaving cream and paint. All our friends enjoyed it. Lucy and Teagan were completely into it. They were putting the shaving cream all over their body and exploring it independently. Cleo was only comfortable putting it on her leg. She did not like how it felt. Una and Antoine were helping Cleo feel better and exploring together.


Our friends look out for each other  when they are upset or not confident or comfortable with something. This is great to see. They work as a team and help each other out. 

Next Friday, June 8th is Field Day. Hope to see all of you'll there. 

Feel better Una.

Have a great Sunday.