Hello Families,

Thank you for volunteering for the field day and helping us out. It was a hit. Field day was so much fun. All our friends enjoyed so much. We were anticipating to be back real soon but we pulled it off until 11:30am. Yay:) Our friends were very patient, they were socializing with others. exploring things around them and enjoying themselves. They enjoyed having their snack there too. We are so tired now that some fell asleep on the way back to school and some fell asleep after coming back. 

On Monday and Thursday, we decided to explore everything that is in our classroom.

On Tuesday we tried something new with our friends handprints, however it did not turn out the way we wanted it to be. But we will again try it next week and hopefully it comes out the way we planned it. 

On Wednesday, we explored styrofoam with paint. Our friends don't always enjoy such activities because it is covered and does not give them an opportunity to get messy. They still explored it and spread the colors for us.

One more week to go. 

Have a wonderful weekend.