Hello Families,

We are grateful that all our children are fever free and are healthy now. This week we celebrated two of our friends birthday. Una and Cleo turned one. Wohoo! 

We had a small celebration wherein the families brought in cake and fruit to share with our other friends. It was a cute celebration as we sang happy birthday and exchanged gifts. 

On Monday, we even waved a goodbye to our four butterflies. While we were at the park, our friends got to touch the butterfly, feel their skin and look at them fly away.  Our friends were really gentle while touching them and patiently look at them fly away. Some of us liked how they felt, some of us immediately withdrew our hand.

On Tuesday, we painted with silver ware on a canvas. This activity was done to promote fine motor skills. Some of our friends are working on mastering this skill while some know how to hold it and maneuver with it.

On Wednesday, we explored sand with balls. Some were comfortable with how the sand feels but some where unsure if they liked it. We have always explored sand with something either it has been glue or paint. This is the first time they explored it without anything. 

On Thursday, we went outside for a walk to the park.They love going out. They are so quiet when we are out and love looking around. 

On Friday, we explored our room and all were able to go to the gym together. They had a lot of fun exploring the giraffe.