This week we had a lot of our friends who were not feeling very good. However, we are over it now and we have a full house again. 

This week at the same time has been very eventful and busy as we are prepping for the spring market that is next week. We are so excited. Are you'll? We have some amazing things that our friends have made and can't wait to display it. 

On Monday, we took footprints of our friends to create something beautiful for our silent auction piece. I hope you'll like that concept. We also did mark making with the colors that are known to our friends already. And explored the number one as our two friends are turning one next week. Yay! We even had an opportunity to go outside in the evening as it was nice and not too hot or too cold.

On Tuesday, we made two different types of bath salts. One is lemon and the other one is vanilla. It was beautiful to see how all our friends were patient and were observing the way we were making it. At first, they touched all the ingredients- epsom salt, baking soda, coconut oil and smelt the essential oils. They were not sure at first if they wanted to touch the epsom salt as it is a different texture. Some enjoyed touching it, some withdrew immediately. However, they loved the smell of lemon and vanilla and tried to get the bottle to their mouth to taste it. It was fun making them as they were very co-operative during the whole process.

On Wednesday, we created a beautiful piece for silent auction. It has come out so well. We used recyclable pieces to make that. We used food jars and toilet paper rolls that our friends had painted and did squish painting on the canvas and later stuck the things. I am so proud of our friends. 

On Thursday, we made birthday cards for our two birthday girls next week. We even read for almost 30 minutes yesterday and our friends were very calm. They cooperated with me while I was setting up the activity for card making. Our friends were into pampering the babies today. They patted the baby, touched the body parts and kissed the baby. Cleo, Antoine and Una were so excited to see each other. 

On Friday, we had a full house again and as everyone's schedule was a little different today, we could not do any activity. But it was really nice to have everyone back. This week was really busy and productive. Our friends have done a great job preparing for the spring market which is next week. I hope you all love it. 

We had a visitor today. We had Cleo's grandma visit us today. It was great to have her. 

Have a wonderful weekend. See you all on Monday :)