Hello Families,

This week we have been still exploring colors and are doing very well with recognition. Some of them are able to recognize the colors purple, green and blue. Whereas, our other friends are in the stage of recognizing them. 

On Monday, we explored purple things and this included purple paper, purple pom-poms, and feathers. They stuck all of this on contact paper. They all enjoyed this activity. To my surprise, some of our friends go to the activity and feel it. This turned out to be a beautiful piece of art.

On Tuesday, we were prepping for our parent's day gifts and so no pictures as it is a surprise. Our friends are becoming much more patient and empathetic. We are doing much better with family style lunch too. 

  Our explorations are increasing every day, however, our emotions too. Our friends are becoming more expressive and express their emotions either by crying, talking aloud, smiling, and laughing. As our friends can now recognize the color purple, we are soon going to focus on red, pink, green and blue.

On Wednesday, we started off with painting food jars with shaving cream and paint but could not get to everyone. We did go to the gym for sometime and explore things there.

This is a short blog as I wont be here on Friday and on Thursday our intern had planned a water play activities for our friends who were awake.

Thank you for being such co-operating families and for all the support. Thank you for appreciating us and bringing in beautiful things. 

Have a wonderful weekend and see you all next week.