Hello Families,

I hope all of you are looking forward to the spring break.This week was short again as we are closed tomorrow for good Friday tomorrow. Our friends have transitioned so well to the room now. They play independently and explore as a group and support each other. Our room is forming a great community. They also have started recognizing each other's family members and gravitate towards them.

On Monday, we explored white sand and white paint. Most of our friends enjoyed it. We are trying and focusing a lot on open exploration in our room as they are more mobile now and more active. We try and explore every area that catches the attention of our friends. 


We try and go to the gym every day so that our friends get more time for movement and can try and take risks and work on their problem-solving techniques.

On Tuesday, we decided to do water play as the temperatures seem to be getting warmer outside. We added a little soap to it just to create the bubble effect. Lucy and Teagan seemed to have really enjoyed themselves. For the older children, we had babies in it with paint and soap but they did not seem that much into it. We will try again to see if it interests them. 

On Wednesday and Thursday, we decided of painting images of flowers and eggs as we have entered a new season of spring and it is easter soon. All of them enjoyed painting as that involves getting messy. For eggs, we used food color and glue. Whereas, for the flower, we simply used finger paint. 

P.S- The stains on their hands are of food color and these are non-toxic and harmless to our friends.

Thank you, Shaun, for coming and reading to our friends today. We enjoyed reading. Also, Shaun exchanged a small gesture from the Indian culture. He exchanged the gesture Namaste and said the word too. He was helping Antoine and Cleo form their hands to create the gesture. 

That is all for now. Have a wonderful spring break.