Hello Families,

This week was again short because of one snow day. And we are getting closer to our spring break.

Firstly, thank you to all the families for taking time out and coming and reading to our friends. We love reading. Every time a parent came to read, our friends would leave everything and listen to the book that was being read. Thank you for encouraging literacy in our room.  Also, THANK YOU so much for donating books to our room. Our friends love them.

On Monday, we started our week with Annabelle's mother who came to read and they loved it. We focused on mark making and used the crayons that were donated by Una's father. The best part about these crayons is that they are washable and non-toxic. These crayons are used to promote palmer grip as they are thick and egg-shaped.

On Tuesday, we had Cleo's father who came in to read. At first, it was a little chaotic but later when Carter started reading, all of them had their listening ears towards Carter. We explored paint and shaving cream on a box which Antoine and Cleo loved. 

We were closed on Wednesday- SNOW DAY!

On Thursday, we again explored shapes but this time it was a little different. We cut out 5 different shapes in contact paper and stuck them upside down on the light table with a black tape. The reason we stuck black tape was so that they could understand perseverance and know to only use the area that is there. And we provided them with pom-pom balls. The activity basically was to stick pom-pom balls on the different shapes. The older three enjoyed it more as they could do a lot more than just stick the pom-pom. Teagan and Lucy enjoyed it too.

We are working a lot on problem-solving and collaborative play too.

On Friday, we had a lot of readers. Thank you, families, for coming over for our little party and dressing our friends up. All of them looked adorable. Thank you, Katie and DJ, for bringing the book and reading it to us. We loved it. We had Rachel's class come in too for reading and singing to our friends. Thank you for coming.

Our Literacy Week has been extended by four days, so please feel free to come and read to our friends.

Have a wonderful weekend.