Hello Families,

Welcome back. We hope all of you'll had a wonderful spring break. This week was full of surprises. Our younger friends have started to sit up with very little support and our older friends are attempting to walk. Lucy is doing so much better with 

Our friends are getting so much better at collaborative play, associations and being mindful of their younger friends. 

As we just returned from a long break, this week was a little emotional and all our friends were getting used to school so was not able to do a lot of activities each day. However, our friends are exploring the room so much better and are very independent. 

On Monday, we explored bubble wrap. Our friends are really getting interested in exploring the bubble wrap and trying to burst the bubbles. Our friends not only painted on it but also tried walking and crawling on it to burst it.

We had a guest reader on Monday. We had Una's aunt come in and read to us.

On Tuesday, our older friends hung out in the infant-b room for sometime and they had such a great time. They not only explored their room but also painted with them. They all sat together and painted. We have been trying to go to the gym everyday for ho much ever time we get.Lucy is doing so well with her tummy time. 

On Wednesday, our friends were busy exploring the classroom with different toys, instruments, and puzzles. Cleo was interested in exploring the puzzles and figuring out where the piece of the puzzle would go. Ms. Katy came over to spend some time with us and played with bunnies. We went to the gym in the afternoon and Teagan and Annabelle expresse their love for each other by holding hands and staring at each other. 

On Thursday, we explored magna tiles on the light table and painted on the butcher paper. Our friends not only sat on it, but crawled on it, walked on it and also went on their tummy. They thoroughly enjoyed it.

On Friday, we went to the park and explored an art activity. It was great fun. The weather was so good. As the temperatures are going up, we will try and go outside more and explore our neighbourhood.

Lastly, next week is the week of young children and have activities planned for every day. Please check the email that was sent out a couple days back to get an idea of how our week is going to look like.

Have  great weekend.