Hello Families, 

We would really like to thank each one of you for taking time out and come to attend the conferences. It was a pleasure to talk to you all. If you have any concerns regarding the sheet, please feel free to email janvi. Also for donating books for our room. 

This week was comparatively a shorter week as we had the conferences on Thursday.  We hope that we were able to answer most of your questions and were in a better space after the conferences. We love our friends, they are all really wonderful.

On Monday, we explored different shapes on the light table. We cut out four different shapes from cello sheet and stuck it on the light table. We did not prompt anyone to go there or to look at the activity. We wanted to see who would first go and spot it. It was Cleo who spotted it on the light table a few minutes after she came to school. She was really excited and just pulled it and started kissing it. We later introduced white paint on it and made sure all our friends get a chance to explore. It was a fun activity as they learned about different shapes, felt them and painted on them.

On Tuesday, we decided to paint on mirrors. For the older friends, we used the smaller mirrors to observe their skills on perseverance and for our younger friends we used the bigger mirrors so that they have enough room to spread their hands while exploring. Unfortunately, we could not get do the activity with our younger friends as our friends were a little overwhelmed that day and were too emotional. However, we will get to it shortly. With our older friends, they did a great job painting on the smaller mirrors. We have just introduced the concept of perseverance and won't go too much in depth with it but we just want them to understand boundaries and endings. First, it was the light table, now it is the blocks. Our friends are loving the blocks and are exploring it every day. This way we are able to promote more tummy time and floor time.

We have been making a conscious effort to try and go to the gym as much as possible however it is not possible every day. But guess what? We have brought the soft gym blocks in our room, so the day we cannot make it to the gym, we will workout in our room. 

On Wednesday, we again did a mirror activity but this time we did it with bigger mirrors and shaving cream with paint. Most of our friends enjoyed it. Wednesday was a very good day because all our friends were interacting with one another and even playing with each other. Antoine and Una decided to do most of their classroom exploration together and Antoine even spent time with his younger friends. He was so gentle with them and extremely cautious.

On Friday, we read a few books that our families donated and our friends are loving it. They kept going back to the basket that has books. They loved Global Babies a lot because it has so many pictures of babies and all of them look so different. Their face structure, their skin color, etc. We are going to promote a lot of reading. We make it a point to read every day anyway. We did not do a messy activity today but we stuck contact paper on the light table and white sheet. They enjoyed it. 

Also, families please take a few minutes to go through the panels that we have in our classroom. All of them has our friends on it and all the panels depict what is happening in our room and we are becoming more social and forming a stronger community.

We cannot wait for our families to come next week and read to us. It is going to be so much fun.

Today or by tomorrow all of you will receive an email from janvi regarding the literacy week that is next week.

Have a wonderful weekend ahead.