Hello Families,

We started off this week by painting some babies. This activity was introduced as we have small babies in our classroom and we had Lucy start too. This way we can promote gentle touches and how to play with children younger than our age. The older children have been extremely mindful of the younger friends in our classroom and always look after them. Even if they feel like touching them, they will gently touch them. 

On Tuesday, we had our class picture day. It was a challenge to get them to smile all at once but in the end, it was a success. All of our friends looked so adorable in their cute outfits. We have made it a routine to sit for morning meeting every morning. We are getting so much better at sitting in a circle. As music is the biggest interest in our room, our friends sit for a few minutes listening to the rhymes, shaking their shakers and smiling. They know the pattern and routine of our morning now. They don't even need to be prompted.

Annabelle and Teagan are doing such a great job at sitting up without support. Also, Lucy is doing so good at holding her own bottle. 

On Wednesday, we explored ourselves in the mirror and collaborated music and movement with mirrors. We also had a big box in our room that day and Cleo seemed to have had a wonderful time exploring it.

On Thursday, after the storm, we decided to bring in some snow as we could not go outside. At first, our friends were not sure if they wanted to explore that as it was really cold. But later when they saw paint in it and started seeing the snow melt, they went towards it and explored. Some of our friends were even tempted to taste it. We also introduced bubble wrap. We wanted to see how they react to it. It did not seem to interest them a lot and walked away from it. 

On Friday, we again decided to introduce bubble wrap. But this time we placed it on the light table as the light table is loved by everyone in our room. With no prompts, Cleo crawled to the light table and was exploring it. We later introduced paint on it and all of them have enjoyed it. Lucy tried painting on the light table today and she really enjoyed being on her tummy and looking at herself and exploring the paint simultaneously. 

Our friends are getting better and better at problem-solving. On Thursday, when Annabelle was next to the block area facing the mirror, she decided to first explore the blocks with her legs because that was the closest. And later, rolled the block with both her legs while looking in the mirror and later went to grab it with her hands. Great strategy.

Looking Forward- We have our Parent-Teacher Conferences coming up next Thursday. Please note- No school that day so no children, only parents. 

Carly has sent out a document with the timings on it, please feel free to fill that up. 

A list of books for the literacy week will be soon sent out by Carly. 

Have a wonderful weekend. See you all on Monday.